Fargo By Fargo

2017 Fargo By Fargo

Fargo By Fargo:
An Insider’s Guide to a Fascinating Community

Fargo By Fargo is a special annual magazine that is mailed to every residential mailbox in Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo and the surrounding areas. The magazine is mailed out at the beginning of the year and more than 100,000 magazines are printed.

For questions about upcoming issues, contact Fargo By Fargo‘s editor Andrew Jason.

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About Fargo By Fargo

Fargo By Fargo is meant to tell the story of the FM area and the unique aspect of the magazine is that everything is told through the words of citizens of our great community.

Where most cities have a visitor’s guide, we call this an insider’s guide because we talk to people from across the community about everything ranging from their favorite dinner in town to upcoming industries to what we can all do to make our community better.

Some of the people to have been featured in the past are prominent citizens like Mayor Tim Mahoney, Steve D. Scheel, Doug Restemayer, David Batcheller and more. However, we will also be talking to the everyday citizens who make our community special.

Some examples of content include:

  • Fargoans talking about their favorite things to do
  • Business advise from area business leaders like Steve D. Scheel, Doug Restemayer, Brent Teiken and more
  • Area chefs pick their favorite restaurants in town
  • Fitness nuts advice on staying in shape this year
  • Extensive coverage with Dakota Medical Foundation of giving back to the community
  • Discussion with some of the area’s biggest movers and shakers
  • Our list of recommendations of what to do this year

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