Darren Gibbins

Darren Gibbins

Darren Gibbins


Darren Gibbins

Distribution Manager

Email: darren@spotlightmediafargo.com

Where are you from?
“I’ve spent most of my life in Bismarck. Though Fargo is about to take the lead. I attended college at MSUM studying journalism when Nirvana and grunge were just kids. After graduation I took the long way home, galloping through South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin in an effort to get back to Fargo.”

Give us a couple sentences about you.
“I was hired by The Forum as a photojournalist in 2000. Since then, I’ve photographed everything from the Malagasy people of Madagascar to the president of the United States and nearly everything in between winning numerous state and national awards during my time there.

‘In 2008, in search of what I am not certain, I stepped away from newspapers and into a variety of roles. I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach photography at MState and MSUM and done a number of different odd jobs in addition to mentoring the next generation of shutterbugs.

“Whatever I do, whether it’s in still photography or magazine distribution, I go to great lengths to do it well.”

What is your favorite pastime?
“Hanging out with my wife and our granddaughter.”

Which way does your toilet paper hang—over or under?
“Whichever way it ends up is fine by me as far as TP goes, no OCD here.”

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