Nick Hackl

Nick Hackl

Nick Hackl

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Nick Hackl

Distribution/Circulation Manager


Where are you from?
“Twin Cities, more specifically Plymouth, Minnesota.”

Give us a couple sentences about yourself.
“I went to Wayzata High School which is known for a variety of our sports as well as a large number of students who attend the school (close to 4,000). I just finished my Junior year at NDSU pursuing Business Management following the footsteps of my Dad and continuing to run our family business called RMH Business Solutions.

“Some fun things about me is that I started playing sports at a very young age and kept wanting to learn how to play a different sport year after year. Due to that, I have played most sports (Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Karate, Cross Country Running and Skiing, Track and Field, Football, Dance, Gymnastics). Another fun thing is that Freshmen year I participated in reading a book a day. These books have ranged from leadership to motivation to even management.”

Are you a pirate or a ninja fan?
“I am a pirate fan cause nothing bad ever happens to Johnny Deep.”

What is your favorite pastime?
“My favorite pastime would be to go to the gym.”

Which way does your toilet paper hang—over or under?
“Definitely under”

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