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At Spotlight Media, we are more than magazines. We also have a full service marketing division.

Its really amazing all the things we get to do for local and regional companies.Below you will find just a handful of the unique and creative things we are able to do for businesses this past year . we wanted to put a list  together to show you how unique and creative it can be !

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We ran 34 digital marketing campaigns for regional companies

Almost all of our campaigns are built from scratch to align with a company's goals. At any given time we could be using YouTube, Programmatic Advertising, Facebook, direct mailing, radio streaming, TV streaming, streaming radio, retargeting, Ecommerce ads and more.

It's up to us to help match the right medium, with the right message and the right budget.

34 digital marketing campaigns spotlight

Helped clients serve over 200,000 streaming Videos for their commercials

One of the most trendy ways to advertise today. Spotlight partnered with the $3 billion tech company Simpli.Fi to help local/regional companies get their videos on streaming apps.


Created 65 different interactive and engaging digital ads for companies

Only 1/2 of your advertising is where you advertise, the other 1/2 is WHAT you advertise. Our team of in-house award-winning designers are not only designing for looks, they are trained to design for results.

Created different interactive and engaging digital ads
managed 7 company's entire social media

Spotlight managed 7 company's entire social media and strategy

Our social team is certified with Hootsuite and not only post for you but help with strategy, analytics, approval processes, calendar development and 1 on 1 meetings.


The Spotlight staff received over 20 certifications this year

Certifications include Semrush, Meta (Facebook/Insta), Twitter, Linkedin, Hootsuite, Google (Google Analytics 4, Google Display, Google Ads, etc) and more.

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Shot 50+ Fully-Produced Videos

This year, our video team is helping companies with testimonial videos, tv/streaming commercials, culture/recruiting videos, training videos and more. We also invested over $100K this year in new equipment and technology to ensure we are producing the best for our clients.


We bought a video ambulance

We found that an ambulance actually makes for an amazing vehicle for our video team. We can't use the lights or sirens though! But seriously, it allows us to travel more for our clients when shooting video for them.

We bought a video ambulance

Built 22 websites

We now have over 200 websites under our belts and we built a 150+ item checklist over the years to ensure all our new web clients get the best quality product possible.

Added $35,000 in extra value to a client who purchased a marketing package from us

We are built to bundle and our goal is to get you the most value we can. If you chose to do multiple services with us, we invest back in you. We build out a spreadsheet for the year and show you what extra products and services we can offer you for free.

Managed 12 company's Google advertising

2022 was a big year for Google partnerships with Spotlight. As a certified Google Ad Partner, we are ensuring our team of marketing strategists are always keeping up with Google on behalf of our clients. This involves having to meet regular spend requirements. Most of our work is in Google search and we are training continuously to be the best in the area at this.


Managed 15 company's Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy

Cool Story: A client wanted to reach business owners on Facebook. To help them, we found a solution that would reach everyone in the state who was an admin of a Facebook business page. This is just one example of how we are custom Facebook service providers. We don't just try to sell you out-of-the-box impressions.

Managed 15 company's Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy
Created 12 lead gen campaigns with landing pages

Created 12 lead gen campaigns with landing pages

Beginning marketers care more about awareness than conversion. We care about conversion, then awareness. This means if the campaign has a great experience for the prospect, you will have to spend less money to gain results!

Helped 15 clients get listed on over 75 websites

Listing services are an easy way to make sure your business info and contact info are correct across the internet. This plays a key role in your Search Engine Optimization.

Helped 21 companies increase visibility on Google and Google Maps

Helped 21 companies increase visibility on Google and Google Maps

SEO! Something everyone needs and no one understands right? Well, we have really ingrained this into our culture. Getting found well on google is no longe optional for your company. We have been certified by the leading SEO tech Semrush and built a robust checklist to ensure our clients are found better.

Helped 6 companies create new branding for their business

Logos, social media assets, presentations, proposals, vehicle wraps, branding kits, style guides and more. Our team can help from ideation to execution of your new brand.

We built e-commerce websites with a total of 300 products

We have done it all with Ecommerce. We actually used to own Oneherd.com and have experience in logistics, taxes, marketing automation, omnichannel, Google shopping and more!


Integrated full software into a website

Our team not only makes websites look cool but we can integrate CRM systems, software programs and more! Hubspot has been a popular one for us to help with!

Integrated full software into a website

Took over 200 headshots for different companies

We have a studio built into our office to make it easy for companies to send their new employees over. They can just book our photographer through an app.


Helped companies target advertisers better at an almost CREEPY level

Through our reseller partnership with Simpli.Fi, we helped a local company only advertise to people who have visited boat dealers, with a credit score of 650 or higher that own a lake place!

We helped 8 companies market to rural areas —the hardest areas to reach

Here is a cool example: we used addressable geofencing and direct mail to only advertise to specific homes. Not only in their mailbox but the addressable geofencing allowed our clients ads to display on websites and apps the homeowners went to all year!

We helped 6 AgriBusinesses reach farmers in a different way then they ever knew was possible!

In a partnership with Simpli.fi and Farm Market ID, our team at Spotlight was able to help agribusinesses pinpoint specific types of Farmers to advertise to. We were even able to market based on what crops they grew, their history of purchasing vs. leasing equipment, age, acres farmed, technologies used and more.

different national firms certified Spotlight for marketing services

6 different national firms certified Spotlight for marketing services.

Spotlight was credited as a certified marketing firm by UpCity, DesignRush, Google, Meta, Semrush, and More.

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