Design Specs

Design Specs & Information for Spotlight Media Publications

Remember: Fargo Monthly, Fargo INC! and Bison Illustrated are the same size while Design & Living is larger.

Acceptable Document Formats / Applications:

• Files types accepted: PDF, .psd, .jpg., and .png

  • We are unable to accept: Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, Works, or PowerPoint.

• All graphics must be high resolution (300 dpi or above at 100%) EPS, TIFF, PICT, JPEG-Hi-res files, also must include original (native) files.

  • We are unable to accept: .jpg (low- res), .gif, Word Metafile or any internet graphics for print.

• All color ad files must be created using a CMYK color profile.


• Only postscript and open type fonts accepted. True Type will not be accepted.

• Must include both printer and screen fonts with ad files.

• Fonts in ad files created on a PC will be substituted with the closest matching Macintosh font.

Fargo Monthly, Fargo INC!, Bison Illustrated
Spotlightmedia Fargo Mock Ad
Spread (Bleed) Print Size: 16.75" x 10.875" Bleed (1/8"): 17" x 11.125"
Spotlightmedia Fargo Mock Ad
Full Page (Bleed) Print Size: 8.375" x 10.875" Bleed (1/8"): 8.625" x 11.125"
Spotlightmedia Fargo Mock Ad
1/2 Vertical: Print Size: 3.5" x 10"
Spotlightmedia Fargo Mock Ad
1/2 Horizontal Print Size: 7.25" x 4.75"
Spotlightmedia Fargo Mock Ad
1/3 Vertical Print Size: 2.25" x 10"
Spotlightmedia Fargo Mock Ad
1/3 Square Print Size: 4.5" x 4.75"
Spotlightmedia Fargo Mock Ad
1/4 Page Print Size: 3.5" x 4.75"
Spotlightmedia Fargo Mock Ad
1/8 Page Print Size: 3.5" x 2"
Design & Living
Design & Living Spread
Spread (Bleed) Print Size: 21" x 12" Bleed(1/8"): 21.25" x 12.25"
Design & Living - Full Page
Full Page (Bleed) Print Size: 10.5" x 12" Bleed (1/8"): 10.75" x 12.25"
Design & Living 1/2 Vertical
1/2 Vertical Print Size: 4.5" x 11"
Design & Living 1/2 Horizontal
1/2 Horizontal Print Size: 9.5" x 5.25"
Design & Living 1/3 Vertical
1/3 Vertical Print Size: 2.75" x 11"
Design & Living 1/3 Square
1/3 Square Print Size: 6" x 5.25
Design & Living 1/4 Square
1/4 Page Print Size: 4.5" x 5.25"
Design & Living 1/8 Page
1/8 Page Print Size: 4.5" x 2.5"

(1) process colors only; no PMS colors; (2) four-color solids must not exceed SWOP density of 300%; (3) saddle stitched printing must be web press; (4) platform must be PC or Mac format; (5) electronic files must be press quality PDFs with bleeds included; (6) images and Pantone colors must be converted to CMYK prior to processing PDF; (7) images contained must be at least 300 dpi and 100% of print size; (8) Photoshop TIFF, EPS, Quark, or InDesign files are also acceptable; (9) you must include all fonts and artwork linked to Quark, InDesign, and EPS files; (10) you must not apply style attributes to basic fonts; (11) Trim size 8.375 x 10.875 binding. We may charge you additional production charges for materials that do not meet these requirements. For quality assurance, send a hard copy proof with all digital files to allow our production staff to double check your electronic materials for accuracy. We are not liable for the return of any digital or printing material.

Spotlight Media, LLC