Welcome Spotlight Media’s New Sales Assistant

Welcome Spotlight Media’s New Sales Assistant

Welcome Spotlight Media’s New Sales Assistant

Photo by Hillary Ehlen

Spotlight Media is constantly growing and changing. As we’re sad to see team members leave, we’re always excited to announce our newest hires. Since all our employees come from a wide range of backgrounds, each member offers unique skills that help the Spotlight Media team become even stronger and more well-rounded.

Meet our new sales assistant and learn what makes her a perfect fit for our company.

Emily Freeman | Sales Assistant

Emily Freeman

I grew up in Bismarck – The lonely, uneventful two and a half hour drive away. However, my 20 some years there weren’t as uneventful.

I surrounded myself with friends and family, and within that bubble, found myself growing and evolving as each year passed. This led me to leaving Bismarck State College my first year, and finishing out my last three at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Being a double major in English and Mass Communications, I found taking the leap and moving made me read more when I didn’t have that “Bismarck” circle to rely on (English side of things) but also involving myself in the community and forming a new one (Communications side of things).

Other than that, I’m a devoted cat mom, stellar Scrabble player and even sing/play guitar in my free time.

What drew you to Spotlight Media?
Being in the major I was, I already knew about the company and a few articles they had written prior to me even beginning my job hunt. As cheesy as it sounds, I found myself reading these articles, magazine in hand, thinking about how cool it would be to see my name in there one day.

The culture, the drive and the joy to live in the city I moved to and embrace it sparked my interest early on and held it throughout my graduation. Then, luckily for me, landed the job.

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?
Mentioned earlier, I am a mother of two furry friends – My ragdoll cats, Louis and Finnegan. They have brought out my “crazy cat lady” side, although I’m in love with any breed of animal. Considering this, I would love to grow my little family by adding more to the mix; whether that’s a dog, bunny or pig. Call me crazy, but Brandon, if you’re reading this – Take your pick.

What’s your favorite book and/or movie?
I feel like the answer to this changes after every Netflix binge or stack of books within a 5-hour plane ride, but my solid answer that will never change this point forward is the book I received from my mom for my college graduation.

Although quite simple, I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love by Nancy Tillman is one that will always pull at my heartstrings – It’s something that made me cry in my twenties and will continue to do so in every other decade.

Share something about yourself that would surprise us.
My love for music led me to auditioning for American Idol this past year. After singing two songs for the judge, my fate was chosen and it was not my time to receive a golden ticket. However, the opportunity is one I will never forget, and knowing I had the strength to follow through the nerves was rewarding for me.

It would have been nice to meet Ryan Seacrest, though.

What’s the most useless talent you have?
Useless, impressive or straight disgusting, I can pick up anything with my toes.

Just drop a pen on the floor the next time you’re with me… I’ll show you.

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