Spotlight Snapshot

What's Your Greatest Sales Intelligence tooL?

It's The ultimate conversation starter.

We Provide in-depth Digital marketing & Website reports

The Spotlight Snapshot is a needs assessment tool that provides insights into your business’s online marketing performance. These insights create a powerful internal conversations about the direction of your company.

Use the Spotlight Snapshot to start the conversation with our team to highlight gaps in your marketing, and propose the best solutions.

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Increase your thumbprint across your market

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Educate Your business about digital solutions

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Personalized Business tool packed with value

Try creating a Snapshot Report, right now

Enter your first name, your email address, and the name of a business you represent. We’ll scan the business and send you a report.

Snapshot Report Features

Your Brand,
Your Way

The Spotlight Snapshot is your own—customized with your branding and marketing report. 

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Easy-to-generate reports

Effortlessly research your business and find the best solutions for your company.

With a single piece of business information, like a phone number, you have the power to create a comprehensive marketing analysis.

Detailed analysis by marketing channel

Get a report card of your business’ performance across a variety of channels, including social media, website, and advertising.

Performance metrics and grades enable you to concentrate on gaps in the marketing.

Snapshot report features full analysis
Snapshot report features benchmarks

Industry benchmarks you can’t ignore

You are compared to industry averages to provide meaningful context into your marketing performance and a tangible target that  can’t ignore.