How Spotlight Transformed into a Full-Service Marketing Agency

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Why did you start a marketing services division?

"We have prided ourselves on helping our magazine advertising customers in any way that we can. So if they said we want to advertise but wow we really need a better website, we found a way to help them get a better website. This made our customers really appreciate doing business with us. Then over the years we learned all these new services and decided to put them together into a division."

What services did you begin with?

"Web Design was always big. But photography, graphic design, and video were right there with it. We took out our first loan in 2019 and decided to hire some more full-time marketing service experts."

After 4 years how has it grown?

"It has been an incredible growth. We have helped over 100 companies from Fargo, Minnesota, all of North Dakota, and even some companies from South Dakota, Maine, Arizona, and California. But mostly we have found success in helping our local Fargo-Moorhead small businesses."

spotlight reach map
We've serviced companies from all over the country, spanning from the east to west coast
Bis-Man INC! Ribbon Cut by Spotlight CEO Mike Dragosavich
Mike and some of the Spotlight Team at the Chamber Ribbon cutting for the release of Bis-Man Inc!
In spring of 2021, we moved into a new office in South Fargo

Spotlight's Marketing Services

Web Design >>

"We have over 200 web dev and web design projects under our belt and have developed a proprietary 150-point checklist when building our sites. This ensures that we provide the highest quality work." 

Thunder Seed Web Graphic
Web Design for Thunder Seed
web design services fargo spotlight ChristiansonComp
Web Design, photography, and graphic design for Christianson Companies
Hebron Brick Web Graphic
Web Design for Hebron Brick

Videography >>

"Our video team is one of the best in the region. We recently purchased a video ambulance to transport to our video shoots quicker. We also have over $100,000 in the latest video equipment to make sure we are providing high-quality video work for our small business clients."

Website Content

Recruiting Commercial

Christianson Companies
About Us Video

Digital Advertising and Marketing >>

"We have in-house digital advertising specialists to help our clients gain results better from Google, Facebook,, Linkedin, Instagram, and more. One of our team member's title is Director of Results. His only job is to make sure our clients are getting the results they are looking for and recognizing true "ROI"."

What do you predict for the future of Spotlight?

"This year was the year we invested in more infrastructure. This means we have been hiring more management, customer service, and admin. This will really help us not only grow our services but ensure our services are of high quality and done fast!"

Full-Service Marketing

"We have about 12 clients who hire our full marketing team to help out with a variety of marketing services on a monthly basis. At any given time we can be helping a client with drone photography, landing page development, funnel building, recruiting efforts, videography, branding, email marketing, social media creation, and scheduling, and a ton more!"

Mike Dragosavich, CEO of Spotlight

Mike Dragosavich, CEO of Spotlight