Heitkamp Recruiting Campaign

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This month we launched a recruiting campaign for Heitkamp Construction based out of Wahpeton, ND. 

For this campaign, we used geofencing and audience curation. Using geofencing we are targeting their competitors(other construction companies) within a 90-mile radius. Audience curation on the other hand is about creating a custom audience. In this case, we are targeting people within 90 miles that fall under twelve different job titles that are specific to the construction and labor industries. 

Their targeted campaign is designed to attract new employees ranging from foremen, laborers, concrete workers, and steel erectors. It’s a wide variety of roles as they are getting a lot of jobs and need more bodies to keep up with the high demand for their services.

In order to create a better user experience for anyone who clicks on the ads, we designed a custom landing page and linked it to their website by helping them create a sub-domain. The landing page highlights everything that Heitkamp Construction does for work, the history of the organization, and the benefits you receive from being a member of their team. It focuses on their main benefit of being able to work within 90 miles of home to ensure that their team is home with their families every night – not normal in their industry according to the owner, Gary Page, of Heitkamp Construction. 

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