Meet Levi Dinh

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Where are you from?

Born in Fargo and raised in Seattle!

Tell us a little bit about you.

I've been living in the FM area since 2016, after being in Seattle pretty much my entire life. I am a recent graduate from M State in the Graphic Design & Technology program. You can find me at a Fargo brewery at any time... after work of course.

If there was a movie about your life, who would play you and why?

Probably Steven Yeun. Or at least I'd hope someone pretty decent.

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I like to play video games, skateboard, golf, and of course cook. I spend most of my time at my desk or in the kitchen.

What’s a ridiculous fact about yourself?

I won a most beautiful baby contest in 1998. I think all the charm has been lost, unfortunately.

What part of your position provides the most value?

Creating something and seeing it go out into the world for the enjoyment of others is a bliss that is difficult to achieve in any other way. Designing for the public is a very rewarding task and it never fails to feel fulfilling.

Tell us about your experience.

My initial interest in design started in eight grade, after taking my first digital design course. After years of self teaching, I decided to join the Graphic Design Program at M State. I've completed a design internship for a Fargo company, as well as learning more about production at a recent job in Moorhead. I've also done numerous freelance projects for businesses during school. This all lead me to Spotlight, and I'm glad it did!

What part of your job do you believe makes the most impact?

Being able to create something that others will see and enjoy out in the community means a ton to me.

Why does our community matter to you?

This community quickly became my home after moving back in 2016. There is a sense of cohesiveness and care that comes quick in the FM area, and it's only right to give back.

What are some of your goals at Spotlight?

I want to deliver creative magazine spreads that are enjoyable in the community, as well as helping other design projects in any way I can. I want to help raise the bar for what Spotlight can do in any way, shape or form that I am able.