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The reason one can go on and on about the value of life lessons learned through athletics is because those old adages are true. In the realm of competition, athletes face the sorrow of loss, experience the elation of victory and develop strategic thinking, analytical thinking, leadership skills and goal setting strategies all along the way. Sports really do build character. It’s no surprise that the six former high-performing athletes we featured in this magazine have used the character they have forged during their careers to continue making a mark beyond their playing days.

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Why go out when you can bring the entertainment in? There’s a certain charm to entertaining at home that can be even more appealing than a night out. In your home, there are plenty of opportunities to turn unused space into an entertainment hub. From home bars and theaters to basement remodels, innovative technology and surprising amenities, you can make your own home the go-to spot on Saturday night.

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We all have a sugar craving every once in a while, a hankering for something sweet and delicious. While it may send our dentists heading for the hills, there is something special about a treat that tickles the tastebuds with sugar and glee. We’re here to celebrate those sugary delights provided by local bakeries, pastry shops and candy companies. The next time you have that sugar craving, look no further. 


Everyone loves a good underdog story in sports. There is just something about an athlete or coach who has to work extra hard to find success within the field of competition. North Dakota State is not without those figures. Look up and down Bison rosters and you’ll find a host of student-athletes who were lightly recruited, had to overcome injury or just showed up one day and ended up making the team. In the face of adversity, these student-athletes made the most of their opportunities and are finding themselves competing and succeeding at the Division I level.

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We sit down with American Crystal Sugar CEO Tom Astrup in a profile of one of local agriculture’s most important companies.