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1974 was the year Dave St. Peter first stepped foot into Metropolitan Stadium and got a glimpse of the Minnesota Twins. Nearly every year after, his sports-crazed family would pile in their station wagon and take a trip from his hometown of Bismarck, North Dakota to see the Twins play at the old stadium and, eventually, the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. These trips were an important time for family bonding, a chance for entertainment and an opportunity for a young St. Peter to interact with some of his favorite players and get even their signatures. However, those trips also catalyzed St. Peter’s future career in professional sports.

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Here at Fargo Monthly, our priority is always to share the good in the community. And to be honest, it has been hard to find the positives in the midst of unrest. But that isn’t to say that they don’t exist, but rather they show themselves in different ways. Our nation is hungry for justice and further education on how to help, so we hope to continue the discussion with these stories and resources from our very community. Systematic changes will come, but it starts with understanding each other. Come with us as we hear from a number of community members and learn with us how to be a better conduit for positive change.


North Dakota State athletics has always been defined by tradition and success. Whether it is the recent success in the Division I era or the copious amounts of championships accrued in the Division II days, the Bison have always found a way to thrive. At Bison Illustrated, we are committed to putting that adherence to tradition on full display in every issue. However, where did that desire to succeed come from? We take a look at the past to help us understand why North Dakota State has been so successful in the present. Through notable teams, student-athletes, coaches and events, we take a deep dive into Bison athletics history and tradition.