Spotlight launches a proprietary 150-point website launch checklist for all clients!

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We've Seen It All

Over 50% of our web projects are from clients who took the cheap and easy route of web design.  They come to us with security problems, issues with design, not found on google, and impossible-to-understand reporting, along with not being able to have the flexibility with changes.  Some clients have legal issues, accessibility issues, forms not working, etc.

So we invested over 200 hours into our new full detail checklist that we do for all web clients now. 


Formerly a part of Hash Interactive, our team began there before bringing our talents under the Spotlight umbrella. Spotlight has now been offering web design and other digital services since the Fall of 2018.

Spotlight, LLC has been selected among the Top Website Design Companies In North Dakota by Designrush

As a business owner myself, I know how important our website is.  It's where people find us, judge us, and make decisions to work on us.  So we need it to be lock-tight.  Just as if it was a brick-and-mortar store."  And believe me, this isn't just some template we copied.  We hand-designed this from experience.  Web design is a corner-cutting type of industry because generally, the client base doesn't understand it. We want our clients to see how valuable a website really can be for their business.  And the only way to accomplish that is to do it right!"

When looking for someone to build your new website, you usually find companies that specialize in the front-end design aspect or they’re technical gurus. It’s tough to find both. At Spotlight, we have long been known for our creative design skills and now we have created this launch checklist to mend the two skills together. 

This checklist is a pertinent piece to all website projects, from $5,000 to $50,000. We do this to ensure that your investment lasts you many years and you can focus on the more important parts of your website, like lead generation, interaction, and ROI.

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Spotlight's Website
Launch Checklist Includes:

Let us know if you want us to share more about this checklist or if you are looking for a new website for your business.