Spotlights: March 2023 Recap

Hello and welcome to our second edition of Spotlights! Since I loved writing the last month’s blog I thought it would be fun to keep this going!


This past month we celebrated two birthdays at Spotlight HQ. Grant (left) and Kellen (Right).  Here are some fun facts about both of them! 

Grant says his favorite food is sushi, but he has never tried cereal. He is a 3rd-degree black belt in karate and has interviewed a member of the band Foreigner. 

Kellen currently lives in Arizona and is Spotlight’s only remote employee. He loves all things food and has two dogs – a Shiba Inu and a French Bulldog


We are extremely excited about April’s publication. This month there are new editions of Fargo Inc., Fargo Monthly, Bis-Man Inc, and Bison Illustrated. Also, be on the lookout for the second edition of Trendsetters hitting shelves later this month. WE hope you enjoy them!

Team Event

We were honored to have coach Jeremy Gruensteiner to come into the office and discuss the power of unlocking the magic of your words! You can find him on Instagram @weirdandstrong.

Video Spotlight

Check out our newest video spotlight reel created by our amazing video production team!

Shark Invested Waters 👀

Our own Brady Drake had the opportunity to recently down with Kevin O’Leary! Their interview is now live on our virtual publications or check for the printed editions rolling out here in the next few week! Hear why he thinks North Dakota is the next best place to invest in and is encouraging more and more entrepreneurs to come to our great state!

Well that’s it for me! I hope you enjoyed reading this month’s Spotlights! Remember to follow us on our social media pages and come back next month to see what we were up to in the month of April!

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