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Spotlight Media Unveiling Leadership Magazine

Spotlight Media Unveiling Leadership Magazine

In case you haven’t heard, we teamed with the the students of the NDSU’s Masters of Success program to create a leadership magazine called “Leadable.”

The students are scheduled to unveil the publication Wednesday, April 29, from 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., at NDSU’s Memorial Union Great Plains Ballroom.

The student-created publication highlights non-traditional leaders and those making a difference across the state. This year’s 26 Masters of Success students contributed content for the magazine, and several thousand copies of it will be published and distributed throughout the region in June.

The unveiling of the publication will precede the program’s closing ceremony, where the contributors will be celebrated for their successful partnership with us here at Spotlight Media. Awards for leadership among the students and teams will also be announced at the ceremony.

According to NDSU, Masters of Success is a reality-based leadership experience that allows students to work in conjunction with a major company to resolve a current leadership or management challenge. Students are divided into teams to develop a probable solution that can be quickly implemented and tested by the partnered company. The program is based on research conducted by program facilitators Steve Winfrey, director of the Memorial Union, and Matt Skoy, associate director of student activities.

We truly enjoyed working with NDSU and the Masters of Success students and are excited to unveil and celebrate what was created out of all of the hard from from their team and ours!


Spotlight Media Celebrates With NDSU’s Masters Of Success

Spotlight Media Celebrates With NDSU’s Masters Of Success

For the last several months, Spotlight Media and NDSU’s Masters of Success program have been teaming up to work on a leadership magazine!

This past week, we celebrated all of the hard work with some bowling at NDSU. Check out the photos below!

This upcoming leadership magazine we all worked so hard on is titled “Leadable”, and features nine area leaders that show what it means to lend a helping hand in the community and beyond. Stay tuned to see the finished product!

We’d like to thank NDSU and all of the Masters of Success members for giving us this great opportunity to be a part of. You can learn more about Masters of Success at