3 Videos Spotlight Produced This Summer That We Love!

spotlight marketing three videos we love summer

Here at Spotlight, we produce videos that are impactful, engaging, and memorable. We stop at nothing to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with their video. Here are just three from this summer that we love!

Border Bank

InterOffice Testimonial

One of a handful of testimonials we have produced for Border Bank, this particular production is a great example of when aesthetic and personality come together in an undeniable way. Great story, great person, and great imagery.


TV/Internet Commercial

As Part 3 of a commercial series documenting a man’s journey from living in isolation to thriving at Eventide and ultimately showcasing his ability to still enjoy the people, places, and things he loves, this production is one of our all-time favorites. The incorporation of ‘home-footage’ injects a sense of nostalgia that hits the heart.

Wallwork Truck Center


Wallwork came to us in need of producing a piece to aid in their technician recruitment efforts. By showcasing the variety of roles, and work environment, in a visceral way and fueling it with a narrative driven by those who live it everyday, we were able to provide potential technicians an immersive experience, before ever stepping foot in a Wallwork shop.

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