Why Are Package Deals Smart for Local Marketing?

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Spotlight offers all aspects of your marketing needs. From digital to paper we can market your business to success. One of Spotlight’s Account Executives, Al Anderson tells you why package deals are where it’s at for local marketing!

In your opinion why do you think Spotlight's package deals are where it's at for local marketing?

“We have the advantage of partnering with our clients to find the best fit for what they need through diversified mediums. Through content, video, web, print, and digital, we can show them our support for a partnership like this by offering preferred rates on some or all of these packaged together.”

Spotlight Package Deal
For Thunder Seed, we created a package deal that included Video, Web Design, Print, and Digital Advertising.

What is one success story you have while working with Spotlight?

“We partnered with Thunder Seed on a package with our Future Farmer magazine, along with targeted digital ads through our Ag database. After we started working together, we found that there were some gaps that we thought we could help fill. From their new website to video, content, and handling a large portion of their marketing plan – They have since been an amazing partner of ours.”

Want to know how smart packages can help your business? Ask Al today!

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