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What is Geofencing?

Geofencing has been one of the more successful and innovative digital strategies used over the past decade. It allows businesses to target potential customers that enter a fenced area, campus, event, or neighborhood. New reports show that 80% of web traffic is on our mobile devices.

We carry them everywhere with us. Geofencing gives us the ability to tag that device as it enters the geofence and we can then serve that person ads for your business. Tag that device once they enter your geofence and be able to serve ads to that user for the next 30 days. Track them as a conversion once they enter a conversion zone(your business).

Addressable Geofencing

Marketers have now improved this strategy, allowing businesses to target consumers at the household level by uploading a list of addresses. 

This means that we can help you market to prospects, current customers, and lost customers just by downloading a list from your CRM. If you don't have a list, then our team at Spotlight can help you purchase a list of potential customers from our data partners. 

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Why Use Geofencing?

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Why It Works

What makes the concept of addressable geofencing better than simply a digital version of direct mail or a traditional segmented email campaign is that you are now able to incorporate other demographic or marketing data into your geofencing effort, making the offer even more appealing and localized to each recipient.

Addressable geofencing is also considered omnidirectional, meaning that customers can potentially be targeted through their mobile devices, desktops, tablets or laptops, or even all of the above, rather than only one.

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Reach Your Target
Audience In More Ways

If you do business in agriculture, ask us about packages with our Future Farmer Magazine and how we can use our mailing list for Addressable Geofencing. 

We have the ability to help build lists based on farmers’ acreage, crop, county, and other factors. 

Results You Can See

There are multiple ways that we can track conversions with geofencing campaigns. The first and most common is called a conversion zone. Once we tag a phone or other device entering one of your geofences, we will then track once it has entered your business, which we call a conversion zone. 

Another common form of conversion is tracking button clicks using Google Tag Manager. This type of conversion comes in handy on recruiting campaigns with many businesses who have to redirect to a 3rd party site for applications. 

Finally, we have other onsite conversions like reaching a Thank You page or tracking users who revisit your site again later. 

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