Spotlight Media publishes over one million printed magazines per year. Our publications include four monthly magazines, Fargo MonthlyFargo INC!Bison Illustrated and Design & Living Magazine, and two yearly magazines, Fargo By Fargo and Fargo Monthly‘s wedding guide. Copies of the magazines are available at more than 500 locations throughout the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area and digitally at

Monthly Magazines

Fargo Monthly

Fargo Monthly Magazine February 2019

Fargo Monthly is a free, monthly publication that focuses on what makes the Fargo-Moorhead community unique. It strives to enhance the quality of life for the people of the Red River Valley by getting them excited about their community and all it has to offer. Fargo Monthly’s concentration is on everything local: theater, business, culture, art, music, nightlife, dining, events and more. We have fallen in love with the area and want you to do the same.

For questions about upcoming issues, contact Fargo Monthly Editor Alexandra Martin.

You can view previous issues of Fargo Monthly at

Fargo INC!

Fargo INC! Magazine February 2019

Fargo INC! is a monthly publication that focuses on Fargo-Moorhead’s business community through inspiring stories of locals and their businessesThe magazine is printed 12 times a year and directly mailed to 7,500 business owners, managers and directors across the Fargo-Moorhead area.

For questions about upcoming issues, contact Associate Publisher Jennifer Gades.

You can view previous issues of Fargo INC! at

Bison Illustrated

Bison Illustrated Magazine February 2019

Bison Illustrated is a monthly publication that showcases the latest in North Dakota State University’s Bison Athletics. The magazine gives the true Bison fan a comprehensive glance behind the scenes of what makes Bison Pride special through creative and in-depth coverage of teams, student-athletes, coaches, administrators and alumni.

The magazine is distributed for free around the Fargo-Moorhead area, but you can get a monthly subscription to Bison Illustrated by subscribing here—perfect for diehard Bison fans who live afar.

Visit for more information. For questions about upcoming issues, contact Bison Illustrated’s editor Nolan Schmidt.

Design & Living Magazine

Design & Living Magazine February 2019

Design & Living Magazine is a free, monthly publication that strives to be Red River Valley’s best resource on quality products and services in our community, including interior design, architecture, landscape design, art and those at the forefront of innovative ideas that enhance our everyday environment. 

For questions about upcoming issues, contact Design and Living Magazine‘s editor Becca Opp.

You can view previous issues of Design and Living Magazine at

Special Annual Magazines

Fargo By Fargo


Fargo By Fargo is a truly unique publication from Spotlight Media. First launched in January 2016, the magazine is mailed directly to every residential mailbox in Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo yearly. That’s 93,000 mailboxes! Packed full of interviews and information, Fargo By Fargo is meant to be an insider’s guide to the area and features locals talking about their favorite things to do and experience in the community. The magazine is mailed out in the beginning of each year.

For questions about upcoming issues, contact Fargo By Fargo‘s editor Andrew Jason.

The Wedding Guide


The Wedding Guide is Fargo-Moorhead’s complete guide to planning the perfect wedding. This special issue of Fargo Monthly is published on its own every spring. Highlighting stories of local couples who recently got married and featuring interviews with experts from different wedding vendors, the issue is also a guide to all of the local photographers, caterers, florists, videographers, bakers, music, attire, transportation and everything else you need to know to have the perfect wedding in Fargo-Moorhead.

You can read the newest issue here.