Matt Becker Spotlight 2019

Welcome Matt Becker

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Where are you from?

I was born in Lynchburg, VA but have lived in Fargo for pretty much my whole life.

Tell us a little bit about you.

I love live music so I started a concert promotion company here in Fargo. We do mostly electronic concerts and some hip-hop. When I have free time, I try and go out to as many shows as I can or drive to Minneapolis to catch one there. I love to travel and see new places. 

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Go to concerts or music festivals.

What’s a ridiculous fact about yourself?

I don’t know if it’s ridiculous but I can play the piano.

What part of your position provides the most value?

Working with a solid team and doing something that leaves me feeling accomplished.

What are some of your goals at Spotlight?

Working with a solid team and doing something that leaves me feeling accomplished.

How do you hope to bring value to the businesses you work with?

I want to help our clients grow their business with the help of our services. When they succeed it helps our community to grow and thrive.  
Spotlight November Best Photos 2019

Our Favorite Photos: November 2019

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Nick Horob - Founder of Harvest Profit

This shot of Nick Horob was taken by Hillary Ehlen for the cover of our Fargo Inc Magazine this month. She used studio lighting combined with colored gels to create a shadow on the subject and give the background the orange tint.  She also used cover overlays in post-production to add the finishing the touches. 

Photo by: Gary Ussery

Belonging Isn't A Destination - Fargo Monthly

Photo by: Hillary Ehlen

The Bison Study - Bison Illustrated