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Not one person at Spotlight has ever worked at an advertising agency.. and we want it that way!

Spotlight started as a magazine publisher 13 years ago with one person. Now our team of over 30 companies as a full-service marketing firm. Our goal is to think like business owners first then marketers. Find what really matters for businesses not just impressions.


Kellen Feeney Digital Marketing Specialist

Kellen Feeney

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nick Schommer VP of Web Development

Nick Schommer

VP of Web Development

Megan-Suedbeck Spotlight-Director-of-Creative-Strategies

Megan Suedbeck

Director of Creative Strategies

Ty Betts Graphic Designer

Ty Betts

Graphic Designer


Austin Smith

Web Developer

Al Anderson Account Executive

Al Anderson

Account Executive


Austin Cuka

Business Development Rep

Ben Buchanan Graphic Designer

Ben Buchanan

Graphic Designer

Mike Dragosavich Founder/CEO

Mike Dragosavich


Tori Helland Sales & Marketing Advisor

Tori Helland

Sales & Marketing Advisor

Tommy Uhlir Videographer

Tommy Uhlir





Spotlight is a certified marketing services company through many
different national accreditation companies.

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Our team fully customizes our services to your business goals. When you set up a call we want to be sure of what results actually matter for your business then work backwards from there!


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Hundreds are already progressing with us in their digital marketing endeavors, when will you?

We always say that our goal is to have our clients feel so comfortable with us that they can text us. This means not only are we providing value with them, but we are enjoying our relationship and enjoying the process.

“We have used Spotlight Media for the last couple years in a variety of capacities including website development, video production and product materials (brochures, etc). They have always been easy to work with, communicate well during the process and deliver as promised. They have really become our outsourced marketing team. The work they do allows us to focus on the work we do at the core of our business.”

Toby Kommer

Haga Kommer, Ltd.

Spotlight checks all the boxes! This group of media experts was just what we needed to help move to the next level. Our decision to partner with them in ad placement, website overhaul, and brainstorming efforts has been well worth it. As we are a company that is driven by positive partnerships built with others, we feel strongly that Spotlight is on the same track and that is an invaluable trait. Working with them, we have received excellent communication in a timely fashion, knowledgable resources, and ideas to help think of the future. We highly recommend this group of media magicians!

Angie Kasparek
Marketing Manager

RICE Companies

“Spotlight has helped us in many different ways. We started with a fully produced video, then new website, now we are in a full inbound marketing launch. They help with strategy, landing page dev, chat widgets, booking widgets, content marketing, Gooogle search and more. It’s also nice that everything is easily managed and easy to collaborate on their project management portal.”
Scott Peterson

Spotlight Media has helped us grow in a number of ways. They helped develop a strategy for programmatic advertising using geofencing and audience curation. That partnership grew into other services like Photography, Google Search Ads, and Facebook Advertising. It’s also convenient to have everything easily managed and easy to collaborate on their project management portal.

Scott Peters
Director of Communications

Swanson Hyperbarics


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I have had agencies in the past and honesty I just get a bill and don't really know what they do!

We actually use a client portal called Basecamp and everything we do every day for our clients is visible to them. All of our tasks are in as to-do’s and the client can see them. We also share an overview spreadsheet that looks like a timeline or Gantt chart that our clients love so they can match up their investment with the different deliverables on a monthly basis just like they do with their budgeting sheets.

How do we know what you propose will work for our business?

Our team is trained to think like a business owner first, then a marketing advisor. We really need to know what the goals of the business are and ask important business questions, then work backwards. For instance, if your goals are more clients, why would we run awareness campaigns? We need to put a lead gen and conversion strategy together for you. Or if your goal is “I wish more people knew who we were” then we need to find the most targeted views of your ads for the least amount of money. That’s how we operate!

What makes you different than your competitors?

Not one person at Spotlight has come from an advertising agency, and we are proud of that. We have built this company around hiring entrepreneurial mindset people who don’t have bad habits. We want our people to think like our clients and find solutions for them that make sense and not just sell them solutions that are “COMMON”. We see at traditional ad agencies they all follow the same blueprints. That’s great for agencies because you can scale those same templated offerings. But most of the time the solutions better the agency first over the client.

How can we be sure that you are qualified to handle our needs?

First of all, we never know until we ask questions. We know we are not a fit for everyone or every solution. Often times if we are unsure or it’s a unique scenario we like to test out working together. We don’t push huge contract commitments. Our goal is to grow together. But most times our clients are looking for fundamental strategy and our team trains monthly to ensure they are up to date with the foundational digital marketing best practices.


Don’t just take our word for it, Design Rush has us listed as one of the top digital marketing firms in ND!

What do you say are your strongest services and solutions at Spotlight?

We really pride ourselves on conversion. This means instead of just pushing clients to spend more to get more impressions and clicks we want to ensure that when prospects arrive at the destination that advertising sends them that they have a great experience, the experience is tailored to them and their is maximum potential for that prospect to convert on what we are trying to get them to do. So this means quality design, intelligent copy writing, physiological strategy, and great insites and tools to help.

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